The Fundación promotes exposure to and interest in contemporary art through its exhibitions programme. With its innovative “one for one” scheme, the Fundación brings international and Argentine art together in an annual group show.

Every exhibition is informed by ideas that are raised by closely studying the Fundación’s collection. Each exhibition displays a combination of existing artworks, special acquisitions, new commissions and loans. In this way, the exhibitions leave a lasting legacy as they develop and re-frame the Fundación’s permanent collection with new works and thought-provoking concepts.

Exhibitions are curated by guest curators who are at the forefront of their profession and demonstrate promising futures of innovative curatorial work. These curators come from renowned institutions all over the world.


Evolutionary Travels

The first exhibition, “Evolutionary Travels”, is curated by Flavia Frigeri (Curator, International Art, Tate Modern). Her 2015 exhibition, “The World Goes Pop” at Tate Modern, transformed the understanding of Pop art as she brought together works that had received little critical attention outside the countries in which they were created and displayed. With her historian’s eye and her discerning research, Frigeri unearthed works of art that have overturned assumptions about Pop art, rightly situating the movement in its broader international context.